Hi 👋 ! My name is Eduard Stefan.

I'm a Digital Product Designer & UX Consultant from 🇷🇴 Romania.

In the last four to five years I aquired a wide range of skills and knowledge that turned me into a self-taught 👨‍💻 👨‍🎨 . Projects I enjoy working on and in which I do a great a job usually involves:

Does your project require these skills? If so, reach me out 😉

What are people I work with saying?

“Edi is one of the most capable UX Designers i have worked with, able to set a creative direction for our team. With a vast amount of knowledge and experience in Material Design and other design languages, Edi has become an invaluable addition to the team.”

Luca Știrbăț

CEO & Co-Founder @ Creative Motion

Latest work from Dribbble

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The roadmap of a project: how will we work?

A. Discovery Phase

We will discuss the brief of the project and based on my expertise and your vision I will come up with a user centered wireframe of the soon-to-be design. This phase usually involve users & competitors research and depending on the project, a data structure.

B. Design &/ Development Phase

We will work together to build a moodboard that’s going to define the visual style we will approach. I will head next to the design and development, an iterative process, meaning that we will have 1 to 3 feedback rounds whose scope is to get us to the desired endpoint.

C. Deployment Phase

The last steps might be the most important ones: we will deploy your project on your own server &/ domain and depending on the complexity of the project or your knowledge about platforms and technologies uesd, I will be happy to create video guides for you!

*Please be aware of the fact that this process might subject to changes depending on your project. This is the most usual process I use for ui/ux projects that involves also development. However, the changes to which the process might subject are meant to improve the workflow for your own project.

Enough about me, let’s talk about you!

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